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View Diary: Public still divided, uninformed about Affordable Care Act (158 comments)

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  •  Simpler than the 23 page application this (10+ / 0-)

    program has.
    Pardon me, I know that sounds like the endless loud exaggerations about how many pages the bill had.
    But I caught a couple minutes of Melissa Harris-Perry this AM and they were discussing the implementation of the exchanges.
    MHP held up and asked about the 23 page application. She said she knew he'd said only parts of it applied to any particular person but wasn't there a better way to get this out?
    The guy (evidently a spokesman for program) said most people would just apply on-line and that was a lot simpler.

    MHP said this could all be avoided with Medicare for all or single payer

    Then I had to leave.

    I assume it is easier on line because the paper app would ask a question and then "If yes, continue" and "If no go to page 17" or whatever
    But my heart sank at the thought of that 23 page application. It will be very, very, very bad PR

    I hope to catch ahow later and anyone who cares a lot about this plan should try to watch or read the transcript. It would be the early part of the show.

    •  We've heard the online bullshit before! (8+ / 0-)
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      I work at Social Security, where we've repeatedly been told to push online services.

      When we tell people to use on online services, some like the idea but there are plenty of people in rural and poorer communities who DO NOT HAVE A COMPUTER. And they have to travel A LONG DISTANCE to a county library that quite often has A LONG LINE of people waiting to use a single terminal.

      And there is a SIGNIFICANT CHUNK of people who are computer illiterate. They have repeated problems of getting a PIN and PASSWORD registered. They call our 800 lines because they cannot comprehend what is on the computer screens and we have to explain it to them in very simple terms.

      Many people give up even trying to register just our of sheer frustration.

      Yet you can't get people in our headquarters and their Congressional overseers to comprehend that.

      And it sure is funny that when Medicare was implemented in 1966, all people had to do was sign a card if they didn't want to be enrolled. A single card. Not a 23 page form that no matter how out of touch bureaucrats will try to design it, it will still confuse the overwhelming majority of people and lead them to give up applying for any help.

      •  I know lots of people who are computer phobic (1+ / 0-)
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        Joe Bacon

        Who hate sitting down at a computer to try to figure it out. It's too much reading for them, too much is hidden, it's not obvious enough.

        If they can't hold it, or have someone tell them in plain language what something is about, they just can't tolerate spending time on it.

        They want to go outside and work with animals or plants, not a machine. That's their bottom line. They can't imagine anything that is more of a nightmare than to deal with a computer.

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        by splashy on Sat Mar 23, 2013 at 08:19:50 PM PDT

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        •  Experiences with Medicare "D" (0+ / 0-)

          We get a lot of calls from people having problems applying for the Medicare "D" Extra Help. They are completely confused by the subsidies and the extra premiums they have to pay if they have higher incomes.

          And add to that 1-800-Medicare, which the government contracted out to the lowest bidder. The 1-800-Medicare operators continually misinform callers about how to apply for plans, they misdirect callers to us, and constantly enroll people with incorrect plans.

          Single Payer would be so much easier to implement!

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