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View Diary: Public still divided, uninformed about Affordable Care Act (158 comments)

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  •  We uninformed are learning (2+ / 0-)
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    Caipirinha, Carol in San Antonio

    But most of what I'm learning isn't good news. I'm learning that the CBO says that the subsidized exchanges will cost a lot more than they estimated even a year ago. []
    I'm learning that there is great skepticism that these exchanges will exist when they are supposed to. I'm finding out that the Obama administration is now cautioning not to expect private healthcare premiums to go down, but more likely to continue to rise.

    "After extensive research, the administration said it was unwise to tell consumers that they could get “health insurance that fits your budget.” That message, it said, is “seen as highly motivational, but not as believable.”
    I'm discovering that there will be various yet-unpublicized fees and taxes that will contribute to making my insurance more expensive. I'm hearing that my mother's Medicare Advantage will be notably more pricey. I'm reading that businesses are putting plans to hire on hold, or are planning to reduce staff, in the face of both uncertainty and projected added costs.
     In fact, if there is much good news in this setup for me and my wife, I'm having a really hard time finding out what that is, beyond possibly a free pap smear and a "free" colonoscopy (actual cost dependent on your own insurance setup).

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