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View Diary: 4th Circuit Upholds Maryland Law Requiring Good and Substantial Reason to Carry a Handgun (25 comments)

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  •  The Madigan familly of illlinois (1+ / 0-)
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    Is the reason why I don't think Illinois politicians are going to push the envelope with the 7th's ruling.

    Daddy (Michael) Madigan runs the Illinois house, and pretty much the rest of the Chicago machine.  He knows he doesn't have the votes now for anything other than shall-issue carry.  The Illinois pro-carry coalition in the house is about one vote shy of a veto-proof majority to pass a shall-issue carry bill.

    Baby (Lisa) Madigan is the States attorney.  She fought the case (Miller v. Madigan) and lost.  She fought the appeal and lost again.  She has her eyes on the Governorship next election and would like to not have another public loss under her belt, because aside from a few consumer protection suits, doesn't have a lot of court time to run on.  Realistically, she only has her family name to run on.

    Governor Pat Quinn would love Lisa to file for writ with the SCOTUS.  Number one, it weakens his obvious opponent if she loses (again), keeps her occupied, and more importantly, saved him from one hell of a decision with no good politcal outcomes:

    -Shall issue bill is passed, he signs it, he's weak on guns.
    -Shall issue bill is passed with a veto-proof majority, its out of his hands at least.  He'll still take heat for a lack of leadership.
    -SCOTUS takes up the case, strikes down may-issue: the problems out of his hair, Lisa has another humiliating loss AND the national gun control agenda is set back another 20 years.  There' goes any national support for Lisa Madigan!
    -SCOTUS takes up Lisa's case and overrules the 7th, hey, anythings possible right?  Quinn sidesteps signing a carry bill, but faces Lisa Madigan fresh off of a big win.

    Really, theres more at play here in Illinois then gun control.  Concealed carry is merely another sideshow.  As usual, Illinois politicians are playing checkers, Michael Madigan is playing chess.

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