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View Diary: Lawrence O'Donnell's message: Stop whining, assault weapons ban NOT dead unless YOU do nothing (67 comments)

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    I have to imagine this is much like the "Brethren" where Pre Burger the SCOTUS respected each other in a certain way nomatter ideology.

    Burger seems to have changed that, did change it when he took over. I don't think William O. Douglas rolled his eyes and had no respect for his Chief Justice previously.

    It probably is a serious parrallel having a party who might as well just say "yeah we are here to obstruct".

    I doubt the money matters, it's always. But yes Extremism, he probably desn't get that now Reid et co can't realistically have a conversation over a beer with someone nomatter who. Now they probably don't even speak.

    Sorry no tip. You were brutally inconsiderate when it came to the sensitivities of any human being rich or poor "nyu crying at waverly" I've never actually been angry at  a normal poster here outside of you and who tipped you.

    It's a totally conservative short-cut you must be this so you may only feel this. Where as the humanistic is even the most conservative of the conservative had their lives changed. Subjectively each person's own change can't be controlled. Rich or poor. I don't wish that on anyone. Crushing a youthful purity that you have (nomatter what your parents paid in taxes), we were supposed to have it crushed slowly through learning history.

    Even people not there.

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