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  •  Paul Ryan engages in 'nasal warfare' - hard nosing (2+ / 0-)
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    TheDuckManCometh, Womantrust

    his way into women's reproductive health care funding, access and rights...oh, yeah, his obstructive ways regarding obstetrics, voter ID, etc. have been creating massive sighness impacts for half the nation's citizens--okay, really on all of us since we all see the cost impacts dripping onto our families, relatives, coworkers, neighbors, etc.  

    Who says the GOP isn't for big invasive debt-generating government? Freedom ends in teh bedroom where GOP Morality Police Must Rule and govern your junk!

    They must have their big trans-vaginal ultrasound wands and expect to inspect all potentially pregnant women and alleged rape victims (and of course it's really just God's will ladies and there's never a valid objection allowed to that), because imposing this is their Defundamentalist Freedum and God-given Right -- to be Religiously Pro-Life against the lives of all women, especially any who might dare to doubt their studly god wants every conceived egg to reach full time, regardless of generating health & education debts and state expenses forever. Every sperm must have a shot at the eggs or it's just not fair to men.

    Compassionate conservatism is so last decade. Old White Guy in-the-sky Pontificating Obstructive 'in your face' Denialism with an Iron Glove Conservatism has been 'in' since 2008, and will be into 2016 if their prayers are heard.

    Okay, so there'll be some wider-stanced tent-expanding adjustments as the RNC finishes tuning it's negative PR impacts a bit, and adjusts stirrups and spurs to go full-tilt for dominating Americans (and wanna-be Americans) in 2014/2016. Look for some nice Italian red polished leather over that black Iron Glove--that should do the trick since everyone (GOP) knows women and minorities really do like red. needs accessorizing... something shiny, sturdy, feisty, attention grabbing, fixatingly scary to liberals...yes, the Brass Knuckles of Relentless Hardened 'Faith' showing through the leather glove ought to do it. Maybe with a wrist wrap with stars and stripes and a cross...make that a right cross...heh--those Heathens won't know what hitting them.

    When life gives you wingnuts, make wingnut butter!

    by antirove on Fri Mar 22, 2013 at 12:14:45 PM PDT

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