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  •  From Knowxviews is very good news for workers.. (0+ / 0-)

    .and the UAW getting a foothold in "Right to work for less" states.

    So the Tennessee governor's pretends to favor letting a private a company make its decision about workers collective bargaining:

    He [Gov. Bill Haslam] added that VW is an "outstanding employer that puts a lot of focus on employee satisfaction," but the decision regarding a works council and the UAW ultimately will be one for the company and its 3,200 employees.
    ..and then he intervenes  (isn't that a violation of republican free-market dogma?) to try to put the brakes on unionization.
    Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam weighed in Wednesday on reports that Volkswagen is talking with the United Auto Workers about the Chattanooga plant, saying workers like the current nonunion structure.

    "I would hate for anything to happen that would hurt the productivity of the plant or to deter investment in Chattanooga," Haslam said in a statement.

    Except that VW and the workers want it because it works - for the company and the workforce - as demostrated in Germany for years.
    I imagine executives at the VW world headquarters in Wolfsburg Germany were surprised to learn that Haslam has taken over executive management of their Chattanooga facility.
    Glad to see Gov.Haslam's meddling isn't stopping this worker empowerment - hope this cooperative effort spreads further into "right to work for less" states

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