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  •  Acting like a dictatorship? (4+ / 0-)

    Back in the 1980s the Legislature of the State of New York changed the marijuana laws and basically decriminalized simple possession of small (personal) amounts of the weed. However, to keep sellers from flashing free samples at park entrances or users from lighting up in Times Square, "display" of the product remained subject to arrest.

    The Bloomberg-Kelly regime instructed the cops to trick people -- overwhelmingly black and brown people, what a damned coincidence -- to empty their pockets which "displayed" the decriminalized weed, thereby subjecting them to arrest.

    Bloomberg-Kelly turned the state law on its head. Reversing the policy of several previous police commissioners and Mayors Dinkens and Giulliani, they went against the clear intent of the legislature. Singlehandedly these rulers have made simple possession a crime again.

    How dare these two officials take it upon themselves to overturn the clear intent of the elected legislature?

    How dare they? If Bloomberg and Kelly are going to presume the divine right to make and unmake laws, is it time to bring back the guillotine or what?

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