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  •  Not Sure What NYC You Live In (6+ / 0-)

    But the one I grew up in, just a few blocks from the 77th Precinct Station in Crown Heights/Bed Stuy Brooklyn, had a police force that was overreaching and racist as hell when it came to poor people of color.  My relatives who live there -- including those 2 who are and 2 that were retired cops -- confirm this is true.  NYPD's track record is legion if you are Black and Latino; you are pretty much free to be jacked at any time by the police and if you have a problem, the last people you call are the NYPD (sort of like the LAPD on this coast.)  Folks who actually have to live with the police abuses in the boroughs and Harlem (and that's obviously not you) would laugh in your face if you tried to make your "many cries of NYPD police brutality are rubbish." claim.  Frankly, if you'd actually had to live with this stuff you'd know that almost nobody who could claim about NYPD police brutality actually DOES.  Think of it like cockroaches (also endemic to my old hometown):  for every story of police brutality that breaks in the news, you can find dozens more that occurred that got quashed by internal affairs or in which the victim never complained at all, for fear of retaliation just trying to go on with their daily lives.

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