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    The DKOS community who responds and participates in any particular discussion is hardly a group of diverse viewpoints.  

    As such the community is EXTREMELY vulnerable to "group think" and rather hostile opposing viewpoints.

    Which IMHO is rather not conductive to the "goal of more and better democrats". Shutting down discussion and pushing away people who support the general platform is not a grand idea.

    If my opinion that "Hey I am not sure this program is racist"  was so unique do you really think the NYD would still be supporting it. As well as many of NYC's population

    Or if the general community consensus that"OMG THIS IS SO RACIST" was actually what NYCer's actually think, that the population would not have already demanded the end to the program?

    NYC broke 80%  pro Obama

    40% support stop and frisk

    Meaning at least 20% of Obama supporters in one of the most liberal locations in the united states think the program is a good idea.

    Probably a non insignificant portion of those who are against program are against it for non racial reasons.

    Its probably not a good, smart or reasonable idea to go around launching accusations that at LEAST 20% of Obama's supporters, support racist policies against minorities.  That just does not seem like a reasonable accusation.

    I myself am not even a hardened supporter of the program. I just feel the need to speak out when the community launches into ravenous attack mode without any kind of real information. When that happens someone....anyone needs to speak out.

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