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  •   One day my daughter came stomping out of her (14+ / 0-)

    room and yelled "MOM! Have you heard of this Phelps guy??!?! This stupid church?" and proceeded to tell me the latest outrage. I told her they showed up in our town to protest at Scott's funeral. (the son of Kgirl's favorite teacher who died fighting in Afghanistan.)

    The entire town seemed to turn out that day, making sure that every inch of space between the church, the cemetery, and the funeral home was taken so that Westboro had no place to protest. Scott's family never saw them -- I'm not entirely sure they bothered staying...

    Anyway, hearing that story enraged Kgirl even more. Last night there was a piece on the Ed Show about the rainbow house and I called Kgirl in to watch. She got a great laugh over the whole thing. And she wants to paint our house rainbow. I assured her we absolutely would -- just as soon as Phelps moves in across the street...

    First the thing is impossible, then improbable, then unsatisfactorily achieved, then quietly improved, until one day it is actual and uncontroversial. ... It starts off impossible and it ends up done. - Adam Gopnik

    by theKgirls on Fri Mar 22, 2013 at 06:51:12 PM PDT

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