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View Diary: Happy Friday! Republicans on the skids (112 comments)

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  •  Liberals and The Democratic Party needs to (3+ / 0-)

    really spend large amounts of Ad Money,Campaign money and also get decent candidates in all those Republican Gerrymandered Districts cause Thanks to the Republican Party for concentrating their power base they have shown where the "Forts" & "Supplies" are an so by attacking their "Forts" they can't in turn afford to ignore the attacks to fight Democrats in the Purple and Blue Areas of the Country cause they know that once the Wall of Great Lies starts to crack the collapse of the whole "Fort" will happen fast and a lot of Republican may flip to being Democrats or to another Party or just stay home and in most of those Red Areas there are many Democrats and so by forcing them to fight on a "Two Front War" it might not take much to turn many Safe Republican Gerrymander Districts into Democratic Party Wins in 2014.

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