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    nadd2, native

    The problem with party affiliation polls, especially post-2008, is that a whole buttload of reliable Republican voters like to think of themselves as "independents." They pretty much always vote for the GOP but they like to pretend that they'll run to a solid third party candidate if a good one presented himself or herself. There are also people in certain parts of the country where being a Republican is like admitting you're a leper, so they don't, despite identifying more strongly with their supposed goals.

    Meanwhile, in greater swatches of the country, Democrats have less to be ashamed of, so they can wear the label with less trepidation. But people who are ashamed to admit they're Republican or believe they're better than being "just" a Republican are still a pain in the nation's ass if they continue to vote Republican.

    I'd be more interested in a poll that asks people to define their political leanings without the party brand - conservative, moderate-right, moderate-left, progressive, libertarian...I think that would be more interesting.

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