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  •  As a non-Movement Conservative (5+ / 0-)

    one of the most terrifying aspects of our politics is that currently the Democratic Party is winning by virtue of not being Republicans. Not winning by building up a stronger political brand as a party, or even by strongly re-enforcing their existing party brand.

    Just by virtue of not being Republicans.

    I don't think the system is broken, I think it's working exactly as a lot of very rich and very powerful people in America want it to work.

    I think an extremist Republican Party, and a self-handicapping Democratic one, is exactly what the doctor ordered for Billionaires and mega-Corps.

    What to do? What, indeed.

    Where I disagree with many who find themselves on this same ground is that I refuse to believe that there is no hope. That there is no forcing change for the better. That by refusing to give up there is still a chance for the better outcome if you just don't quit. I refuse to accept the idea that, by staying home and hoping that the damage that is done by such a profound betrayal of personal responsibility, benevolent negligence will lead to a phoenix rising out of the rubble by design. That's the kind of faith-based thinking that I wouldn't accept from a Conservative, on any topic or policy, repackaged ideologically. I lay withering fire down on the Democratic Party sometimes because I want the Democratic Party to be what it should always be, the most effective engine in a two-party system for social and economic progress.

    Winning by virtue of not being the other guy is not the tactic of an organization that wants to dominate as a robust and effective political alternative. I'm having a hard time seeing this as being just the way things are, or fate, or an accident of living in harshly divided times.

    There is always a reason for the establishment not to take the GOP and lay them low. To take the strongest bargaining position in a policy fight.

    Since what happened to Gore in 2000, my default as a Democratic Party member has been to always assume that I have to make them do it. Whatever better outcome "it" may be. If left to it's own devices, the Democratic Party establishment status quo will find the most mediocre way to handle human events.  

    Like positioning yourself as being a more attractive option by standing next to some slimy creature covered in pussy sores who stinks bad enough to make everyone's eyes water rather than be the better option no matter who you stand next to. There's a lot of choosing the easier or meeker path and demanding that it be seen as the only path or the only option forward by those who disagree and have the guts to say so.

    The GOP sucks, we all know that, most of us have known that for over four decades. It's a criminal cabal that runs on bad faith, ratfucking, and being the bagmen and women for some of the most malignant corporations and their Oligarch owners.

    But they are still viable. Still. And it's not just because they have a lot of money and they are the party of the rich and powerful.

    They are enabled. Our party should be gutting them like a swarm of fat pigs all stuck belly up in a trap.

    How we ended up here, after the Iraq War and the near Second Great Depression, is mindblowing. At this point, I sometimes wonder if the GOP could start a nuclear war by irradiating some small innocent nation they just randomly pick on a globe and still find a way to remain viable both because they are the party of the rich and their greatest opposition will go out of their way not to pile on too much or to take too bold a position on just how dangerous the GOP is.  

    I've been involved with Democratic politics for over twenty years now. I don't hate the Democratic Party, in fact, just the opposite, I think a Democratic Party that re-commits itself to being the party of the working and middle class, and the defenders of the young, the poor, the sick, and the aged is the future in a two-party system. But outside of 'we aren't Republicans' I don't see a lot of brand building or brand bolstering.

    But that revitalization has to come from the grassroots, the bottom-up. Because what the establishment in DC is going to give you are things, like the brand crushing 'We are the Party of the Chained CPI' path, that only seem like a good idea for brand building in the beltway. A place overridden with people who give Democrats advice while also thinking as a general principle that the best Democratic Party is a more humane Republican Party or else a broken permanent minority party that meekly gets rolled by the Great 1% Dominance Preservation Machine. Some of these diet austerianisms might as well have come from a Rightwing thinktank that doesn't care if the Democratic Party is ever a three branch majority party ever again.  

    We are one real, as in non-bullshit Village faux outrage not driven by a Rightwing bad faith ratfuck freak-out, scandal away from having years worth of goodwill and support based in simply just not being Republicans suddenly get wiped out.

    Now, the GOP has done a great job at utterly destroying their brand, so it may seem like a good bet to depend on the GOP to keep the stupid coming and coming in buckets, but looking down the road I still don't see what's plan B to 'let's hope the GOP keeps being stupid'. Any party depending on their opponents brand staying ruined or out in the weeds as a longterm stragetic tactic is pretty insane.

    Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have both created tremendously successful personal political brands. Personal. Like Bill Clinton before him, when Barack Obama is finally out of office when his time is up, there is the institutional problem that is that his personal brand is going into retirement with him.

    The problem with this situation is that any gains you might make over time can be rapidly erased by a major scandal or crisis.

    With everything the GOP has done since just 2000, forget about going back before that, just since 2000 AD, they are still viable to bounce back.

    That's as big a Democratic failure as it is an indictment of a public full of low-information voters just waiting to be conned again.

    As much as many of us don't like to admit this, this is a screaming warning that how they are being fought is not as effective as it should be, and that you can't expect a more vital and successful Democratic Party if you refuse to demand that of them as an institution and as a party because you have been conditioned to see challenging your own party and its conventional wisdom driven assumptions that may be very injurious in the long run as somehow a malignant, rather than a healthy, act of proud activism and concerned party membership.

    I am from the Elizabeth Warren and Darcy Burner wing of the Democratic Party

    by LeftHandedMan on Sun Mar 24, 2013 at 08:32:04 PM PDT

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