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  •  Good diary and yes the bottom line is that we (0+ / 0-)

    have too many elected leaders who have submitted to the GREED factor and because that there are so many of them who are entrenched up to their elbows and necks in bribes, payouts, and dirty dealings of everything imaginable (think even unimaginable), thus, we have the sad, frustrating, and immoral government that we have.
    I think we have to put extreme pressure on our newly elected people, and get much more active in sacrificing time and energy to call them out.
    Who would've thought that our Senate Chamber, which was always stacked by old white men who were told what to say and when to say it, would have evolved into this, or what it is today???? It's sad that people who have been elected theses days, can't see through the stain that they have become a part of. Despicable!!!

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