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View Diary: Obama in weekly address: Protect our kids by reducing gun violence (34 comments)

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    Gun violence will not cease to exist. It just won't. The powers that be encourage the destruction of society through shady banking practices, drug running by government sponsers and gun running adding fuel to the fire. It is a letal mix. The arguement that we must do this for the children holds no water, unless you count the children of other countries. When you allow your agents to slaughter others in your good name, then you have no leg to stand on when it comes time to talk about your kids. Most gun deaths are the result of suicide, which on the face of it, may actually be helpful. Let's say that most gun owners are registered repugnicans. If these people are hell bent on offing themselves, well then, let them. One less vote to worry about. Better than throwing themselves off a building and becoming maimed and we have to care for them through social programs that would otherwise be put to good use, like filling pot holes and scraping rust off of a bridge somewhere.

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