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View Diary: Michael Moore gets a chance to speak his mind on MSNBC (136 comments)

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  •  Fear is the mind killer (1+ / 0-)
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    Our First Amendment promotes fearlessness in expression and intellect, pre-supposing that only a smart people would be able to hang on to a democratic republic.

    Our Second Amendment has promoted fear, violence, and a might-makes-right mindset. Whether that was intended or not, it has led to a deliberately marketed culture of fear, violence, and guns. It has become a profit-center that has infiltrated every corner of our modern society, from Rush to Fox to Tea Baggers to the NRA. It has made us an incredibly stupid society where people believe the antidote to fear is more fear-inducing violence and that inspiring fear equals freedom.

    A stupid people can't govern themselves and our founding fathers knew that.

    Something's gotta change.

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