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  •  agree - may not do what you predict (18+ / 0-)


    but, the church faces massive issues that it has not dealt with for years including child sexual abuse and finance

    and I for one, was fooled by the concern for the poor that I take to be a foundation of christian life

    I find the distinction between the Pre Easter Jesus and the Post Easter Christ very useful.

    Pre Easter Jesus was the community organizer and thorn in the side of the power structure

    When the Roman Empire wanted a religion as part of the way to legitimize their rule, they went with Christianity, which, without the Roman Empire support could well have disappeared without a trace. The Post Easter Christ is a King.

    The curia has been populated for a couple of decades with Opus Dei supporters. I think this means that the effort will be to preserve the power of the curia and their support of the plutocracy rather than really working for the 99%

    Rather than holding them accountable, the game is to see how well they can pull off their support of the 1%.  

    They can look to Obama for lessons

    But as a student of propaganda and politics, I can't help but remark on how effective Obama has been at muzzling criticism, or even intelligent analysis, from the liberals who should be revolting against him.

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