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View Diary: Charles Blow: The G.O.P.’s Bachmann Problem (153 comments)

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  •  Republicans sold their history for votes (20+ / 0-)

    The Southern Strategy was a trade of Lincoln for Jeff Davis and an evil to be named later. We now see the evil -- they are the party of racists, of misogynists, of all sorts of other bigotry and now they cannot kick them out.

    Had the GOP stayed the party of Lincoln when the Democrats finally got on the right side of history, there would have been a small party of George Wallace racism that would have been the party of the evil right, but it would have had no power. Now it does.

    Americans can make our country better.

    by freelunch on Sat Mar 23, 2013 at 11:15:15 AM PDT

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    •  This is probably the best summarization of the GOP (6+ / 0-)

      I have seen in a very long time.

      I have never been able to figure out if Fox is the propaganda arm of the Republican party or is the Republican Party the political subsidiary of Fox.

      by Dave from Oregon on Sat Mar 23, 2013 at 01:30:32 PM PDT

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    •  And they're still doing it.... (1+ / 0-)
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      By holding on to the Fundie Fringe they are still holding onto the "votes" at the cost of their ideas and ideals.  

      The GOP was once the party of fiscal conservativism.  When that stopped working for them they linked their star to the only other "conservatives" that would talk to them - the fundamentalists - social conservatives.  They needed warm bodies.  Now their future is hooked to that ilk and they have no way out of the dark.  

      Unless they change and moderate, they have no hope of gaining enough votes to do anything.  With stars like Cruz, Rubio, Bachmann, Ryan they deserve to be on the sidelines for a very long time.

      "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke ...I am not the NRA and I vote too..... - ME

      by CyberDem on Sat Mar 23, 2013 at 05:48:54 PM PDT

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    •  Perhaps - (2+ / 0-)
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      Bexley Lane, ebrann

      But then the 1% would lose their suckers. The only way that corporatists can get lower income and middle class voters to go against unions, minimum wage laws and regulations is to incite latent bigotry.

      The GOP needs the bigots - otherwise they lose.

      (Worse than they already are, I mean)

      "Mediocrity cannot know excellence." -- Sherlock Holmes

      by La Gitane on Sun Mar 24, 2013 at 01:02:35 AM PDT

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