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View Diary: The Link Between Glaciers & Rape in Steubenville, Ohio (10 comments)

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    I think all of your points are valid. It wasn't my intention to say that poverty is related to higher instances of rape in general. The thing I was trying to drive home was that in this particular instance, socioeconomic and cultural factors played a huge role. That so much of the town of Steubenville is hostile towards the victim in this instance I think has more to do with the bleak history of the area than any specific aspect of the abuse itself.

    Ultimately I was trying to illustrate how long term economic decline, unemployment and the hero worship involved in some high school athletics effect the way this community reacted to the rape and how they enabled these young men to become willing participants in a culture that dehumanized women and created a power structure that was so overtly misogynistic.

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