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  •  I was trained as a medieval historian, and (1+ / 0-)
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    a gilas girl

    that covered the time when the state and then the church took up jurisdiction of marriage. IIRC, at least in Northern Europe, what marriage and celibacy were both about was not so much the devolution of genes but the devolution of property rights, and marriage was not as now a choice of individuals but a determination between families as to the intergenerational disposition of property and various sorts of property like rights, sealed with the bodies of the married, who had little to say in the matter.

    Celibacy in particular for clergy was to make sure that a cleric's wife and children never got their hands on Church property.  Civil marriage was a tiny bit less strict, but there was often a place like Gretna Greene in Scotland where those who were determined to marry could go and do it, families be hanged, until the deed was done since divorce was not a material option, but disinheritance was, and the disinheritance was the sanction. Certainly lgbt folk who had property were tied into this system, because of the property.

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