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View Diary: Suicide Rate For People In Their 50s Has DOUBLED (74 comments)

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    It's being able to walk down a street without people judging you as a possible danger or a criminal based on the color of your skin alone.
    Anyone can be judges that way based upon how they're dressed or their hygiene level.  I've got 6 college degrees and people have, fairly often, crossed the street as they walk towards me at night.  But it's not because of my skin colour.
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      I never denied that idiots judge others by skin color and as any honest actor would assume not all are idiots. The problem is when it is blamed on "white privilege" it dismisses many factors that are at play. Let me ask you this have you ever seen the attitude displayed by AA's toward immigrants from African countries? That is an assumed entitlement and an assumed privilege. Like I said it is an American phenom the assumption only whites have privilege. Ask any poor person in any European country that is the same color as the majority in their country what privilege is and then tell me it is "white privilege" that is the problem with the world.

      There are no sacred cows.

      by LaEscapee on Fri May 03, 2013 at 01:03:19 PM PDT

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        Like I said it is an American phenom the assumption only whites have privilege.
        I never said that 'only whites have privilege' and I'm pretty sure almost no one who uses the term believes that it is the only form of privilege either.  It's one form among many, but more universal simply become of centuries of our peculiar history as a nation.

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