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  •  Now you did it. (9+ / 0-)

    I'm a sucker for rodents even though they wreck havoc in my garden. Is the vole on someone's shoulders or a pet? The white spot on it head is adorable.

    Thanks for sharing your rodent pictures.

    •  I know, they are just so dear. (10+ / 0-)

      I think the white spot is an anomaly of some sort, I don't remember seeing any consistent spot pattern on the dead voles I have seen. This photo comes from a wildlife trust organization in the Fraser River delta, north of here, just over the border in Canada. The vole is on some guy's glove. Not sure how he got it to stand still.

      I liked the live pic too. All the voles I have seen have been dead, cat-dispatched, and I haven't photographed them, although I suppose I should, in the interest of science. I know some scientists who are doing genetic research on local rodents, looking at how related they are on the different islands. Speciation. On the intertubes there are plenty of pics of voles in the mouths of herons, coyotes, hawks, which, while much more likely, is not as cute as this photo.

      I had a distressing moment one time when I was cleaning junk out a shed that had been there for decades. I pulled out a rolled up old rug and then unrolled it to see whether it was salvageable. Inside, at the center, was a family of newborn mice, all nested in bits of shredded paper. What to do!? I rolled it back up, left it in the bushes until later in the year and then took it to the dump. No way I can actively kill baby mice.

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