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    KenBee, kurt

    Because there are a couple of urban counties does not mean that the rest of a state doesn't have specific problems with energy use and energy regulation.  Kansas has Wichita, and Kansas City and the near environs, but the rest of the state isn't rural?  And Colorado has Greeley and south to Colorado Springs, but the rest of the eastern part and the area west of the Rockies isn't rural (and RED, for that matter)?  And blue Oregon has Portland metro and surrounding counties that are blue, and the entire eastern half of the state, which is rural, is red.  Ditto Washington, with the exception of the metro Spokane area. And my own state of Montana, has a few cities and the reservations that are blue to light blue, and the state is rural and mostly red (even though we will elect D's, they have to be blue dog D's).  And, did you actually look at an electoral map of New Mexico?  For that matter, look at an electoral map of California.  See all that RED?  The reason CA is blue is the urban areas and the environs. The rural areas, with some exceptions for heavily hispanic, with long driving distances, tend to be red.  Nebraska, the Dakotas, WY, etc., with large rural areas and low populations--RED.  Just because the red areas aren't heavily populated doesn't mean that they don't have political clout.  If you doubt that statement, I invite you to look at a map of Congressional Districts.  Our country, in almost all aspects, is splitting on urban/rural boundaries, and there isn't a simple solution to the problems brought about by this divide.  Rural areas despise the majority city dwellers political clout and their resulting ability to force their "city ways" on what they see as their rural lifestyle. And those rural people will continue to vote against their best interests and continue to resist what they see as encroachment on their way of life, they will fight the EPA and resist the ESA and continue to be poor and continue to be angry. And it is not because they couldn't be environmentally conscious, it is because they can't afford to maintain what they see as their rural lifestyle if they have regulation.  And, they are probably correct.  It really is complicated.

    •  What you write here really does have some (0+ / 0-)

      complexity, but it's not my topic. The concept of the Red States being energy hogs because they choose to not make the improvements required to be otherwise is neither overly complex, nor demonstrably incorrect.

      There can be no protection locally if we're content to ignore the fact that there are no controls globally.

      by oldpotsmuggler on Sun Mar 24, 2013 at 11:38:14 AM PDT

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