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    Glen The Plumber

    good of you to admit exactly what i have observed from you.

    let's review, Patrick.  read carefully.    

    Trolling defined

    Trolling, defined, is not simply disagreeing with your opinion or the collective site opinion. It is engaging in behavior which is directly contrary to the stated goals of the site -- furthering the progressive Democratic agenda. There are a number of things which very clearly constitute "trolling", and which should be troll rated (and therefore deleted from the conversation) quite legitimately.

        "Democrates suk" or any of the other derivations of true trolling by those of enfeebled brain. Don't argue, just zap them. More on this in a bit.

        Advertisements or other thread spamming. Zero them out. Especially if a user is posting the same comment to multiple threads. The cause may be just; the behavior isn't.

        Off-topic posts. There's entire threads devoted to being off-topic: the Open Threads. In other conversations, it is rude to interrupt a diary or story conversation with your own unrelated "threadjacking".

        Proven-false information, conspiracy theories, or debunked talking points.

        Personal attacks on other site users, including following them from thread to thread.

        Attempting to "out" the personal information of other site users. This isn't just trolling, but is expressly forbidden and will almost certainly result in immediate banning.

    What all these things have in common is that they represent content that is irrelevant to the thread, or intentionally disruptive of the goals of the conversation, or seek to poison the atmosphere in which conversation can take place at all.  

    That is trolling.

    by your own admission, it's what you do.  

    understand that at this point, it's plain as day.

    any attention you get from me will be in the form of hide rates.

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