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View Diary: Unbelievable: Anti-gay Michelle Shocked is threatening to show up at her canceled show tonight (153 comments)

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    Ramelle, karmsy

    I would never advocate for someone to be victimized because of another person's mental illness. What she has ranted has been horrible. Just like when Loughner started shooting his gun -- I'm not "on his side"because he has mental illness. It's just so tragic all around. So horribly tragic.

    I have a loved one with mental illness. The sweetest person and one of the most talented artists I've ever known. She recently sabotaged a wonderful relationship with a gallery because of her "really out there" behavior. It's just so heartbreaking. A doctor changed her medication, and it had a horrible effect. Now, she is doing better and seeing the damage she did, and she feels so scared of herself and ashamed. It's just so sad.

    I'm not saying to allow yourself to be belittled and verbally harmed. Nor do I think Ted Nugent has mental illness -- I just think he's a complete ignorant jerk.

    Please try to understand where I am coming from. Not everything is black/white, good/evil. There are many shades of grey. I just can't pile on and beat this woman up if I think the cause could be something as basic as a change in psych meds. Her behavior certainly indicates a mental illness.

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