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View Diary: Bob Dole Calls out Current Republicans (95 comments)

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  •  Nevermind dating 'em. I don't even associate (0+ / 0-)

    with any of them anymore. My area is super "blue", birds of a feather. One friend of many years I cut off without a word in 2007 after a particularly weird conversation about politics. She's on the money side of Rethuglicanism, in many respects a nice person, does some charitable work through our church (non-Xtian new-age type entity), but she cannot seem to search through her thinking for signs of the utter perniciousness of the present GOP. Also, she lied to me. She volunteered that she was a registered independent. But I'm politically active, checked with the local registrar of voters...she's always been a registered Republican. I check the records every campaign season, and she hasn't changed.

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