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    was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..................iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big!

    Some stories grow with the telling, and that one was probably told a lot before it was ever committed to writing. Say 60 men, and 60 women, and another 60 children, along with a couple herds of goats and some flocks of sheep.

    Really, the Spanish became the dominant culture in Alta California, a place roughly the same size as the fertile crescent in the middle east, on the strength of several hundreds of colonists, soldiers and priests. One of the largest early expeditions, which founded three missions, iirc, had a total of 120 men, women and children, and 40 mules. Around 24 of them were soldiers, there were a couple officers, four or five priests, some mule skinners, farmers and craftsmen and their wives. But the priests and officers kept written records and sent written reports back to their headquarters, so the numbers are known.  

    If two million people had marched out of Egypt and wandered around the Sinai Desert for forty years, we'd still be finding the skeletons, manna or no manna.

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