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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Live Digest: 3/28 (282 comments)

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  •  Murkowski's moderation (2+ / 0-)

    strikes me as more genuine than Collins'.

    I think Collins is moderate in the way Snowe was.  Which is to say, not all THAT moderate in the grand scheme of things, but she has an interest in projecting that image because of the state she represents.  I remember when Snowe retired, and talked about how it was because of all the partisanship.  And people pointed out that she was behind the health care trigger.  "Moderates" like Snowe and Collins are part of the problem, but because they live in a state where that wouldn't go over well, they have to pretend that they're NOT part of that problem.

    Whereas Murkowski seems to me, for some reason, like she votes the way she wants.  My assumption is that when she lost to Miller, but still won as a write-in, she realized, in her mind, that she didn't need to be super-conservative to keep her seat up there, so now she just doesn't give a shit what her party wants.

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