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View Diary: FDNY Lieutenant Has The Sads After Outed Over Racist Tweets (135 comments)

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  •  As a NY Paramedic (14+ / 0-)

    I can confirm that racism, homophobia, gun nut culture and red-state mindsets are alive and well, even thriving, in NY EMS. I have seldom encountered quite so many casually racist, homophobic, hard-core, right-wing people in my life.

    On the other hand, they will go to the wall to save your life no matter who you are. I have never net a medic or EMT in NY who would hesitate to do everything it takes and more regardless of the patient's skin color or anything else.

    But they will talk trash about their patients afterwards.

    On the other hand, there are a lot of compassionate, left-wing, liberals as well. But they are definitely a minority.

    EMS is both very stressful and a blue collar profession. It doesn't take a college degree even to be a Paramedic. The people who work EMS are very much lower middle class and get paid crap: typical starting salary for a medic in FDNY is around $28k a year.

    "Tout comprendre rend très-indulgent" - Germaine de Staël

    (To know all is to forgive all.)

    But, yeah, this guy was an idiot to talk trash on his Facebook page. When will people learn?

    Your friends may be on Facebook, but Facebook is not your friend.

    •  I worked EMS / FF in a rural midwest area (5+ / 0-)

      20 years ago and it is exactly the culture that you describe above that made me quit and not look back.  I loved the actual work but could not stand the racist, sexist, homophobic, closed-mind attitudes of virtually 100% of my co-workers.  As you also say, there were several men and women who were exceptions to this but far and few between.  Unfortunately, I did not always see that the work performed was not also influenced by the prejudices of the worker.  

      I am greatly saddened to read that things have not changed in the profession and am especially surprised to know that this occurs in big cities with what I always assumed were pioneers in techniques and attitudes of EMS.

      And I thank you for all you do - and that you are able to keep your humanity and sanity in a profession that numbs feelings and strains your mind and body.

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