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  •  B Manning could have prevented empire collapse (1+ / 0-)
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    joe shikspack

    thanks for the excellent link to the article by Greg Palast that Bradley Manning could have prevented the BP gulf spill because the diplomatic cables described the secret similar blow up earlier.

    If this had been made public, and acted on by not using gas to speed the drying of the concrete, the blowout might well have been permitted.

    about the title of my comment

    if the US would have taken the shock of the leaked memos and said something like: oh my god, we have become an empire and are no longer a republic. We are a war machine and we are also attacking the rule of law. We have to change course to return to our roots.

    If this had happened, it might have saved the empire.

    But instead Bradley's charges could lead to he death penalty

    and the fact of his treatment is further proof that the empire is in decline

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