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  •  I grew up during the Great Depression. (7+ / 0-)

      I was lucky that I did not go hungry because of my mother.  My father had a job as a worker in the “County Home”   euphuism for the poor house.  He drew a salary of 16 dollars a month plus food and a bunk.  He was on call 24 hrs. a day so only came home one day a week.  My mother ate one meal every other day in the winter of 1932.  Two people died of malnutrition that year in the village where we lived.  Relatives brought us food on occasion; otherwise we may not have survived.
       My mother joined the Communist Party sometime in 1931.  There were plans for an armed uprising because the system was not working.  There was also a movement on the right to establish a Fascist government.  A lot of people back then admired Mussolini and Hitler.  We had a German-American Bund office in the village.  
       The area where we lived was rural and consisted of small farm of about 300 acres.  One of my uncles, a bachelor, worked as a farm hand for his older brother and sometimes brought us food.  He was the most cynical man I ever knew.   He often hinted that the death of some of the elderly people in the area was neither accident nor natural.  Especially if the farm was in their name and they suffered from dementia.
       The WPA was our salvation and our path out of miserable poverty.
       I am convinced FDR saved the nation.        

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