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  •  That is pretty remarkable. I've read these types (4+ / 0-)

    of replies before and I have to tell you, to me, it only shows the level to which people have been conditioned to accept a totally absurd situation.

    My friend, the criminals have taken over the government!  Don't you see that.

    What type of government we feel comfortable with?  OMG! About if we start by reading the Constitution?

    The type of government we deserve is the type of government we the people will allow, plain and simple.

    •  Criminals are always wanting to take over. (1+ / 0-)
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      To commit a crime is to deprive someone else of his/her rights -- i.e. crime = deprivation of rights.

      Deprivation of rights is also supposed to be the punishment for crime. However, in the beginning, the U.S. Constitution, in making adjustments in the allocation of representative agents of government to take the ownership of slaves into account, as well as the recognition that the female half of the population would have no say in governing, made the deprivation of human and civil rights legal.  In other words, the deprivation of rights under cover of law has been with us from the start. Human rights never even got a mention, except for the "endowment" by the Creator, which the Cons interpret as meaning that when man reconnects with his Creator that's when those rights will be effected.

      "God gave him rights. Let God respect them."

      We will never be shut of deprivators, legal or illegal. That's because some humans are incompetent to do anything for themselves and, needing servants, are inclined to coerce. What we should do is make a hard rule that such people, if they ask nicely ("Ask and you shall receive"), will be accommodated. But, if they resort to deception and coercion, they will be cared for under physical restraints.

      It's what we actually do now when we put malefactors in prison. However, I think we waste a lot of time and effort and put up with a lot of malfeasance unnecessarily as a result of not recognizing the incompetence early enough and being slow with the restraints. The social safety net tends to be withheld until somebody is seriously hurt.

      Perhaps it's just a matter of not understanding whom the net is supposed to help. We think it's the individual caught in the net, when it's really the society as a whole that benefits when members are protected from getting hurt.

      Who benefits from pension checks? It's not the individuals who get them in the mail or whose bank account is topped up. Nobody can eat, wear or shelter under dollars. Never mind electronic blip in a computer. No, the people who benefit are the people who get compensated for the goods and services they provide for the aged and the sick. They can't eat the dollars either, but they can trade them for a restaurant meal of a bushel of wheat from a farmer. Dollars are symbolic renditions of value, made tangible to make them easy to hand around.
      That this handing around has been considerably retarded is evident in this graph:

      MZM is money that earns no interest, but does show up in bank accounts, which is where it is available to be counted.

      We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

      by hannah on Mon Mar 25, 2013 at 02:45:51 AM PDT

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    •  Well, that's fine. So, after your success (0+ / 0-)

      you are willing to let our current system of biannual elections take their course with no structural changes?

      I'm asking what are your proposed structural changes, if any.

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