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  •  Very interesting and I'll definitely be (6+ / 0-)

    looking for the next installment.  

    I had the opportunity about 30 years ago to to Arlington, Washington, home of the Love Israel children where they had a farm.   They also had numerous businesses in an area in Seattle known as Queen Anne.  I was out biking one day with my wife in Queen Anne and overheard some of them talking about needing a drummer.  I stopped, struck up a conversation, and ended up playing drums with their group for a few times.   I was invited out to their Arlington farm, which was almost unheard of for someone not formally a member of the group.  One of these days maybe I'll write in detail about that experience.

    They split up and disbanded about 15 years ago.  At the time of thier split they were one of the largest and longest surviving communes in the country.   They broke up  largely due to the friction that developed in trying to educate their children in a home school situation vs public school.  There were other reasons too but that was a main one.

    I'm not positive about this but I'm pretty sure I was on the infamous Ken Keesey's  Electric Koolaid Acid bus at their farm.  

    Heady days!!  

    Thanks for the great post.  I look forward to the next installment.  

    If we really want to straighten out all this crap we really need to think about shit - Holy Shit.

    by John Crapper on Thu Mar 28, 2013 at 10:38:45 AM PDT

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