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View Diary: New Research Confirms Global Warming/Ocean Acidification Accelerating Faster Than Previously Thought (63 comments)

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  •  the 1% oligarchs are not hiding anymore (10+ / 0-)

    they are out in full

    there was a good program yesterday on NPR on the Russian oligarchs

    they didn't continue and say that is what is happening here in the USA

    the big problems have been neglected for decades and now the slow moving emergency is getting visible

    we do not understand the biosphere, yet are proceeding to dump waste into it and extract resources from it at an increasing rate

    the military several years ago noted that climate change is the largest security challenge

    well, ......

    spending trillions on wars and making things worse just when humans need to learn how to work together

    well, ......

    and the politicians also work for the 1%, not for humanity

    only thing left is to protest loudly and to hit the streets

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