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View Diary: New Research Confirms Global Warming/Ocean Acidification Accelerating Faster Than Previously Thought (63 comments)

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  •  So I'm not the only one confused here. (2+ / 0-)
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    Lujane, rovertheoctopus

    From the abstract:

    while heating continues during the recent upper-ocean-warming hiatus, but the heat is absorbed in the deeper ocean. In the last decade, about 30% of the warming has occurred below 700 m, contributing significantly to an acceleration of the warming trend. The warming below 700 m remains even when the Argo observing system is withdrawn although the trends are reduced. Sensitivity experiments illustrate that surface wind variability is largely responsible for the changing ocean heat vertical distribution.
    What plausible physical mechanism for this is suggested?  Wind variability doesn't seem to cut it, since that doesn't explain why both surface and mid depth (700 m or less) ocean temperatures have stayed the same.
    •  The persistence of La Niña and a negative PDO... (0+ / 0-)

      I would presume. Since 2003, the Pacific has been somewhat locked in a persistent La Niña/negative PDO phase that has dampened surface temperatures. In the meantime, I surmise, all the extra energy the Earth has been accumulating is being kept below the ocean surface by these natural variations. What needs to happen is another El Niño and a positive Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) to discharge some of the accumulated ocean heat. Now, whether or not climate change is directly altering ENSO/PDO is very unclear and speculative at best. Kevin Trentberth in Balmaseda et al. (2013) has raised some of these ideas. But I will say that the La Niña cycles we've been seeing is basically the equivalent of the Earth being passive-aggressive. Stewing and bottling up the anger (or heat), but not yet blowing up at us. If it lets out the heat with an El Niño, it's going to get progressively worse from here on out, not better.

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