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  •  Oh, this brings back memories (13+ / 0-)

    Except one programmer who worked nights because he had such an abrasive personality, used to change things just to change things and not notify anyone, so when we'd come in and try accessing drawings the program didn't work.

    Then when we'd ask, we were told by the head of the department at the time that we were stupid and didn't deserve to work on computers if we couldn't figure out the program changes.

    Gosh, but that was a nightmare caused by one programmer and his snide boss, who knew zero about computers.
    It was also stressful, since we were on deadline and if we couldn't access our work, well, that was that.
    The programming changes were never necessary.
    That was the major thing.

    Finally a group of us outlined the problems and skipped the computer dept head and went over him and VOILA!
    They eventually fired that programmer, because he caused more problems than fixed them, besides being a sexist, patronizing jerk, and they moved that department manager to another department.
    The bad thing?
    That guy became my boss.
    Let's just say that I took early retirement shortly after that!
    Thank my lucky stars that my husband completely understood, especially since he worked there, too, and agreed that it was time that I left.
    Then my husband transferred to another division and whoa, what a difference that made.
    That's one reason he was sent to Paris and then later Montreal.

    I'm very happy that we're both retired now and it's all a distant memory.

    Computer says no!

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