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    So I'll try pulling my previous comment into the diary subject. When parents have to deal with Junior's school because Junior is not getting good grades, they don't see the large picture. They see the teacher and the school as the large opponent that is not giving them the satisfaction that they and Junior needs.

    They don't see the infrastructure or the legal framework (they regard this as useless bureaucracy) - they see that Junior is not getting a good grade that their taxes pay for. (They understand the paying taxes part). Where's the route to satisfaction? Arguing with the teacher for a better grade? More likely than not the browbeating and lack of support from the school means the teacher gives in, and Junior is promoted to a grade that he's not ready to handle. Which means that he fails again, and the process starts over.

    Which means that the parents now believe that public education doesn't work, since Junior isn't performing as he should be. Their personal experience and lack of awareness of the larger public picture keeps them looking at their experience as the norm. Thus gov't always fails.

    Sorry for potential derailing, but the idea sprang at me as a possible explanation, and then it kinda spread...

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