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View Diary: Diane Ravitch calls it "the most brilliant post of the day" (147 comments)

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  •  People never notice government... (4+ / 0-)

    ...when it works.

    I had an FDA-inspected hamburger the other day and I did not die of food poisoning.

    I bought something over the Internet and my money wasn't stolen.

    I crossed the RFK Bridge and my car did not go plunging into the Hell Gate.

    But if the Post office messes up my delivery, I will howl and wail...

    •  well it probably wouldn't be the first car (0+ / 0-)

      sitting at the bottom there. I remember I used to take my boat through the Arthur Kill off SI, kids used to steal cars and ride them down to the water front. I'd see em sitting there rusting all summer. Not to mention all the " stolen cars" reported to insurance companies that can be found at the bottom of various waterways in the area.....

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