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View Diary: I shot an Assault Rifle this Weekend, It was FUN! (596 comments)

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  •  interestingly enough, what you described (1+ / 0-)
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    is close to how the NRA used to teach the safe storage/transport of guns/ammo. everything locked up, in separate places, guns not loaded until actually going to be used. they also used to recommend trigger locks, so even if, god forbid, a child got ahold of the weapon, it still couldn't be fired.

    darn right shooting a gun is fun! target shooting is a hoot, and very challenging. but then, i don't really need a .50 cal machine gun to go target shooting. although, tracers would be nice.................. the only time we ever had a gun in the house, when i was a kid, was when my dad did his annual qualification at the range. he would bring the gun home with him overnite, and go straight to the range the next morning. no ammo though.

    none of us hunted, and we weren't particularly concerned about home invasions, so no need for guns.

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