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View Diary: Should 'entitlement' benefit cuts be a primary-able offense? (w/ poll) (14 comments)

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  •  If someone voted for a smaller COLA.... (0+ / 0-) a grand bargain that sharply raised or eliminated the ceiling on FICA contributions, I'm okay with that. Getting the money to fund Social Security far into the future is key. Then find some other way to provide for indigent seniors.

    And remember, there are Medicare cuts and there are Medicare cuts. Cutting subsidies and giveaways to pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are considered Medicare cuts by Republicans (who accused the President of doing just that). What we must be about is fighting cuts in services. Big pharma and the insurance industry are doing quite well, thank you. It's the seniors who buy pill splitters when they are fortunate enough to be able to buy the meds in the first place.

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