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View Diary: Shredded VA documents, The Bush Adm.lacking in shameful oversight and this administration's woes (10 comments)

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  •  But,but, it's All Obama's Fault (1+ / 0-)
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    Especially coming from many here who just loves that obamabot use!!!!!

    And just like the whole country in mass, including the pro-peace coalitions who quickly picked up the tea buckets before there were teabags, walked away from not only any accountability but left everything the bushco did on the table, like nobody, especially the military brass, was going to use and sell it's use, think drones.

    there is serious and dangerous reports and findings THIS administration walked into.
    And not just in regards to the VA problems, long underfunde, long budget obstruction, lacking before this administration in being up to date with advancing technologies especially as to the huge needs in record keeping and then cheering on more wars and abandoning missions so to spread the military further and for much longer needed, creating tens of thousands of now Veterans with enhanced needs from the peoples responsibility to fully fund the VA, decades now of not!!!!!!
    While the Bush Administration was waging an illegal war, they sure were not doing anything for the veterans.
    Don't tell that to the supporters of nor even those who can't stand Obama no matter politics they say they espouse, i.e. that name callin of obamabots, who frankly haven't a clue as to what's been going on, especially in the VA.

    That bushco is outta site outta mind, just like their representatives who control the purse strings, they once had them 'magnetic ribbons' and now occasionally wave the flag, them are 'patriots' the real 'americans'!!!!

    "If military action is worth our troops' blood, it should be worth our treasure, too; not just in the abstract, but in the form of a specific ante by every American." -Andrew Rosenthal 10 Feb. 2013

    by jimstaro on Tue Mar 26, 2013 at 04:29:56 AM PDT

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