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  •  The Oddest One I Remember..... (8+ / 0-)

    Is a book called  A Disturbance of Fate, in which it proposes a hypothetical future if Sirhan Sirhan shots had missed Robert Kennedy.

    Robert Kennedy defeat Richard Nixon in 1968's Presidential election. As President, Kennedy withdraws the United States from Vietnam, and achieves peace with the Soviet Union by proposing a mutual withdrawal of both superpowers from Europe & Asia.

    However, not everything is roses in this new timeline. Kennedy defeats Ronald Reagan for re-election in the 1972 Presidential election. Where in our timeline, the Republicans turned to Reagan conservatism in the 1970s, after Reagan's defeat they embrace ideology more akin to Rockefeller Republicanism. Conversely, the book speculates that Kennedy's Catholicism would have him take an anti-choice position on abortion, and thus the Democratic party takes a more conservative route.

    In this new timeline, the Republican party is pro-choice & pro-gay rights.

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