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View Diary: Dick Durbin's new Social Security reform commission (Social Security Defenders blogathon) (205 comments)

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  •  Clem (5+ / 0-)

    I am not trying to veil anything or deceive anyone and I really don't like the accusations.  What kind of dog whistle are you referring to?  

    Durbin explains how he wants to sell it to the public. I see the same sales pitch in comments here.  It's just a small cut, what are you complaing about, the commenters say?  I could go and find some examples for you with links if you think I am playing some kind of game here, but I can't do it right now as I have work and kids to attend to.  

    There are links to source material in this diary.  No veils, no misinterpretations, nothing.  You can see it with your own eyes if you choose to read the diary and the source material.  I really don't understand the hostility here.  We are all in this together.

    "Justice is a commodity"

    by joanneleon on Tue Mar 26, 2013 at 10:47:42 AM PDT

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