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  •  Both parts of your story are significant. (8+ / 0-)

    That you were able to obtain treatment when not so long ago you might not have, and that it cost so much. I'm glad you're still here, but it is not right that you should feel as though you might not have been. (I'm writing awkwardly--it's the system I'm blaming for its apparent lack of care for all, not you for realizing you had a closer call than you should have.)

    I have not looked up the total cost of my care. I threw up my hands when I realized that the surgery and one night in the hospital (that is, not counting the surgeon's fee or the anesthesiologist's, etc.) cost over $35 K--and that the ins. co. wound up paying only $17 K because of their sweetheart deal with the hospital. My own out of pocket share was minimal because at that time I had great coverage.

    And yet.... Recently I spoke with a social worker at one of the two major cancer centers in town, not the one I use but I don't think it matters much. She said that people will never be turned down for care due to lack of insurance; that they find a way. I do know that that's been true for a couple of people I know personally.

    That's of course a good thing. But who knows that in ordinary circumstances? I think most people assume they CAN'T get treatment and so stay away without even asking for help.

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    by peregrine kate on Mon Mar 25, 2013 at 06:19:48 PM PDT

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