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  •  And the real 2A issue is a sense of fairness (0+ / 0-)

    that guns are not singled out as uniquely deadly - nor carved out into a special space free of 'well regulated-ness' that is present for other comparably-deadly technology events like, say, drunk driving.

    We can debate specifics - and lots of them - if we can get to a general accepted that RBKA is not on par with breathing as a living right and more about good behavior with tools that can do bad things when badly used.

    An example of what I mean: If 2A is thought of as a right like breathing, then no restriction of any kind is tolerable (or in theory survivable). I'm guessing this is a level of pure 2A advocacy that is at the high end, perhaps to the point of caricature. But let's put that on the table for now.

    Now, let's go the other way: a framing of guns as a kind of 'controlled substance', toxic and deadly in all but the most expert of hands and most specific of locales. We're not talking poison, we're talking plutonium. This would be such a level of pure gun control as to virtually end the presence of guns in civic and even military life. Again, so far out there as to be vulnerable to caricature.

    Now, let's approach guns as being a technology with an obvious dangerous aspect to it like, say, cars. Like cars, guns are appropriate in appropriate places.  Like cars, guns and alcohol = bad news. Likewise, driving/shooting when in an enraged or depressed state of mind. Like cars, secure them lest they be stolen or (sans parking brakes) roll back over some pedestrians or kids playing in the driveway.

    In that discursive space, regulation is not just sensible but requisite- and this actually makes freer use more possible. Cars are regulated like crazy, in sometimes dumb ways (Really, did my car ever need to get inspected annually?) but having all those rules of the road (among them the speed limit which gets winked at by almost everyone) means it's safer for a wider number of persons to use cars for a wider range of reasons in a wider range of places.

    And the same is true for guns...and regulation of this kind has been around for as long as the Republic.

    "Well regulated" works, it has for a long time.

    All the rest is knickknack quibbling about line items ... so long as we approach firearms as neither (a) tantamount to breathing as a right nor (b) akin to plutonium as something not to be allowed in sight.

    And I think most folks, when they're away from, say, glorified high-octane chat rooms like the blogs these days, fall in that range someplace.

    It's a big range - and it's a big country. And we're big enough as adults to sort this soundly.

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