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View Diary: AZ-04: What are the Issues in the 4th Congressional District? - Congressman Paul Gosar's District (5 comments)

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  •  I was the 2012 Americans Elect Party candidate (1+ / 0-)
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    I understand that you want information about the district, not whether it can be won, but the most important demographic fact about this district is that it has the highest Republican registration in percentage terms of any of the Arizona congressional districts and thus was a gift to the Democrats, packing as many GOP voters as possible in AZ-04 so that Democrats could win by close margins in AZ-01, AZ-02, and AZ-09 in 2012 and take a 5-4 majority in the state's US House delegation.

    The most important geographic fact about this district is that it is larger than the State of Illinois, stretching across hundreds of miles or mostly rural areas in seven of Arizona's 15 counties.  The best way to see this is to look at a map.  I live in the city of Apache Junction, next to Mesa, in the East Valley, and we are a suburb of Phoenix.  The district also bumps against the borders of California, Utah and Nevada, very far away from where I live and with no real connection to Pinal County, where I live.  Indeed, it includes such other widely disparate cities as part of Yuma by the CA border to the south, which is hundreds of miles away from cities like Kingman and Lake Havasu City, which are quite close to Las Vegas.

    The district is largely rural, overwhelmingly white, and fairly elderly.  The average voter is a poorly educated older white Protestant of average income -- in other words, the moronic cohort that makes up the Tea Party.

    It is extremely conservative.  I ran as the American Elect Party candidate in 2012, and I endorsed President Obama, Vice President Biden, and US Senate candidate Richard Carmona while the Democratic candidate did not do so, at least publicly.  He also stated that protecting "Second Amendment" gun ownership was one of his main issues.  (Check Project Vote Smart.)  Although he was opposed to repeal of ACA, he publicly would not state whether he was pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, or favored any other usual liberal Democratic issue.

    He won the Democratic primary with a handful of votes over a more traditional Democratic liberal and party activist, Mikel Weisser of Kingman, who is running again for the seat in 2014.  People interested in this district should contact Mikel.

    To me, this district is basically a shithole where they put the biggest morons in Arizona, who of course are the biggest morons in any of the 50 states.

    The Americans Elect Party will be on the ballot in Arizona in 2014, and as leader of the party, I am looking for anyone to run on the Americans Elect line, particularly in districts where there will be no Democrat running.  (About a third of the seats in the legislature in 2012 had no Democratic candidate.)  Why run on Americans Elect rather than the Democratic line?  You can avoid petitioning, file a simple one-page statement that you're a write-in candidate, and win the primary with a plurality of the votes (only votes for state-registered write-ins count).  I won the 2010 nomination for the Green party in the old AZ-06 with only 6 votes and was the candidate against Jeff Flake.  Last year I won the AE party primary with just 11 write-in votes.

    This is a hopeless hellhole of a district for Democrats, and Arizona Democrats like it that way because it makes it easier to win in the other districts.  

    •  ...I tried to be a delegate for AD03 in California (0+ / 0-)

      ...I got 27 votes and came in 7th in the men's category. I did get the mayor and two city counsel people to vote for me. But it would have take 57 votes to make it...

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