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View Diary: Bill O’Reilly Gets Smacked By Economics Professor - Nanny States Actually Do Better (VIDEO) (82 comments)

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  •  Whatever... we'll make more. (7+ / 0-)

    That is the thing... love your analogy, but take it the rest of the way without the moral baggage.

    What do you do with the engine that blows up? You throw it away and get another one, which is only a problem if there is a shortage of engines, but what if there were unlimited engines, or a lonely, uninstalled engine that needed a compartment to fit in to feed their family? Millions of engines that need to feed their family?

    In that situation it probably is easier, more efficient, and more profitable to just run your engine into the ground.

    In Europe, they do the maintenance, because they take care of their people - they maintain their people... here? Fuck it, they'll make more...

    Democracy - 1 person 1 vote. Free Markets - More dollars more power.

    by k9disc on Tue Mar 26, 2013 at 07:45:49 AM PDT

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