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    llywrch, Brecht, Louisiana 1976

    about living in St. Louis is exploring the bookstores here. The first one I was introduced to was Left Bank Books in the Central West End. It's a full-service bookstore with a used section in the basement. I can always find something here! It has a crisp, neat vibe with tall ceilings, white walls and light wood shelves. Recently, we ventured to their downtown location to see and hear Lilly Ledbetter speak. The staff are really helpful and fun to talk to as well.

    The Book House is probably the second bookstore I was introduced to here. It's in a sweet little house set back a ways from a busy commercial street, like a haven for book lovers. When you go inside, the name comes to life because you feel like you're in a house made of books. Every wall is lined with shelves and the offerings even spill onto the floor. New and used books mix. Always an interesting selection. Nooks and crannies, window seats and little spots under eaves invite you to sit and take a closer look. If you're especially intrepid, you can venture down to the bargain basement. I did this once and should probably give it another chance, but it was more basement--cellar, dungeon, even--than bargain plus there's often a bargain table sitting out front and with the used selection mixed in, the basement becomes even less attractive.

    Subterranean Books is in a gorgeous little storefront in the busy Loop neighborhood. What they lack in space, they make up for in a selection of high quality reads. Last year, they were one of the pickup spots for World Book Night and when I went to get my box (Oscar Wao) they had a nice little wine and cheese mixer for us.

    Across the street and down the way from Subterranean is Star Clipper, an awesome comics shop! Their range is staggering and they include graphic novels, local zines, gaming supplies and fun toys!

    Back in the CWE, we discovered Big Sleep Books, a mystery bookstore, while out with friends, one of whom is a mystery writer so that was perfect. Another tiny shop, Big Sleep uses its space well and is staffed by folks very knowledgeable about their subject.

    I know there are many more to find, just like we stumbled across Big Sleep. There are some that I've spotted but need to find time to make a stop. It's nice to have these options!

    Get old and do lots of stuff in the process. Half of the fun is trying everything out. --Noddy

    by Debby on Tue Mar 26, 2013 at 08:20:14 AM PDT

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