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View Diary: Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital are in Deep Pooh Pooh This Time? (61 comments)

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  •  wow. poor guy. (2+ / 0-)

    I can't imagine.

    I'd be scared to death if I find out that my business partner was an arms dealer.

    •  It is worse than that. My attorney is a U.S. Att (0+ / 0-)

      (former one that is).

      He made me aware of something that even I didn't know.

      John Ashcroft said the no 1 problem with corruption in the United States is - corrupt federal judges in collusion with high ranking members of the U.S. Trustee's office

      who then punish whistleblowers and victims.

      Romney did this to Dov Avni in Stage Stores. Avni owned $4500 worth of stock and pointed out Traub and Romney doing a shady deal with Granite Bank (FDIC/bankruptcy fraud)

      They had Dov Avni - Fined $389,000 and sicked the U.S. Marshal's on him 6 times - even to his sister and brothers houses - to collect (part of Stage Stores record 00-35078 S TX Bankruptcy court).

      John Ashcroft made his statements to the Hague Global Forum on Corruption - and his remarks were Repeated by Francis C.P. Knize to the Judicial Conduct hearings per the Government in Sunshine ACT.

      Then U.S. Attorney Chris Christie gave his former boss (Ashcroft) a $50 Million NO Bid contract - and all the remarks were yanked down OFF the web.

      Ashcroft then became head of Blackwater, that was re-named Xe.

      Xe has now been renamed Academi

      Acamdemi's CHIEF over all is Red McCombs

      The founder (and I [c]hit you not) of

      Clear Channel Communications

      Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain until Aug 2001. Proof of Bain & Romney Fraud

      by laserhaas on Tue Mar 26, 2013 at 01:48:03 PM PDT

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