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View Diary: Scotus Blog: Supreme Court won’t uphold or strike down Prop 8 (199 comments)

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    Some of the marriage action was done through legislators. Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. The initial vote in maryland failed.

    marriage equality has never, that I can remember, gone to the courts in Maine. In 2009 the Maine legislator voted marriage equality into law, it was signed by Gov. Baldacci and overruled by the people's veto. The people voted again in 2012 and passed Marriage equality.

    •  Maryland was done legislatively (1+ / 0-)
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      It failed in the legislature the first time and was revived the next year.

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        Of the ten US jurisdictions that currently have marriage equality, 7 of them achieved it by legislative or quasi-legislative (the Maine referendum) means. Only MA, CT and IA got there by court decisions (directly, at least; VT's marriage law replaced court-mandated civil unions). (Note that CT legislatively brought its marriage code into line subsequent to the court decision.)

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